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Why Consume Iranian Cosmetics?

The most important thing about using Iranian cosmetics is to guarantee that they are genuine. Unfortunately, most of the cosmetics brands available in the Iranian market come from informal and illegal sources and cannot be definitively commented on their quality and authenticity.

Only some of the brands represented in Iran are reliable and trustworthy. But once your choice of brand is completely Iranian, you no longer have to worry about the originality of the product. Because you can buy the product you want directly from the manufacturer’s store and their reputable dealers.

Iranian cosmetics, on the other hand, are made for Iran’s climate. These products are well adapted to Iran’s climate and climate and will have better results on our skin if they are quality.

By supporting Iranian brands, we have actually helped our economy. These products can expand our productions with our support, which means more employment.

And another important point! Iranian cosmetics brands are much less expensive than their foreign counterparts and are affordable. So try to choose your cosmetics from Iranian products so that you can contribute to your pocket in addition to the country’s economy!

Good Iranian cosmetics? Dream or reality?

Glad to surprise you. The answer is yes. Fortunately, in recent years, Iranian manufacturers and laboratories have begun to produce high quality cosmetics. Products whose quality will surprise you.

Of course, the disadvantages of active Iranian cosmetics brands are their limitations in production and their weaknesses in marketing and advertising. For this reason, many of these brands, despite their good quality, remain anonymous. Here’s a look at some of the top quality Iranian cosmetics products.

(Note: Ordering brands does not mean they are superior to another.)



One of the best known and best-selling Iranian cosmetics brands that has a good market in Iran is the Mai brand. I admit I wasn’t aware until recently that Mai is an Iranian brand. The quality of our products is in line with international standards and has succeeded in achieving ISO 6, which is one of the most internationally recognized standards of cosmetics.

The most important feature of Mai products is the range of activity and product variety. Mai has developed a variety of products that are readily available, both in skin care and cosmetics.

Mai is equipped with one of the most advanced cosmetics laboratories in the Middle East and the products of this brand are well adapted to Iranian skin, hair and genetic makeup.

Mai products include three categories of health care, classic cosmetics and the new line of Mai products called Black Diamond and manufactures a wide range of cosmetics such as shampoo, moisturizers, creams, lipsticks, lacquers and more.

 (Cinere) (INLAY)

Founded in the 6th year, the Natural Herbal Living Medicines Laboratory is one of the most successful cosmetics laboratories in Iran. The lab has introduced two important and reputable brands in cosmetics to the Iranian market – Cinere and Inly.

You must have eaten a lot of cinnamon. Cincinnati Hair and Hair Care Products is one of the most famous Iranian health products with good quality in terms of price. Moisturizing creams, sunscreens, shampoos, a variety of skin care lotions and therapeutic products are among the brand’s products.

Another product of this lab is the brand that manufactures good quality cosmetics on a global scale. Powdered creams, lacquers, lipsticks, lipsticks and pancakes are the products of this brand. Users of Inle products, lacquers and lipsticks are of a good quality and are comparable to reputable global brands.

Inly cosmetics are used in high quality cosmetics. The good news is that its cosmetics lack lead and parabens and you can safely use these products.


The first thing that grabs your attention when dealing with the Calista brand is the color game. Callista is one of the most colorful Iranian cosmetics brands that has shown good creativity in packaging.

The variety of Callista products is not as great as other beauty brands. This, of course, can be attributed to being a novice. Owners of the brand claim that their products are imported from Iran with the highest quality and best European and American cosmetics.

Of course all formulations of Callista cosmetics are manufactured and tested in Iranian laboratories and their production is zero to one hundred. Callista products are manufactured in four categories of face, lip, eye and nail cosmetics. Like Ineli’s products, the company’s products lack any harmful lead and paraben materials. So you can use them safely.


Hydroderm is one of the most recognized and recognized Iranian skin care brands. The brand, which is a product of Pars Lab, works in the field of skin, hair and nail care. Pars Hayan Laboratory is one of the largest cosmetics labs in the Middle East that has introduced reputable brands such as Hydroderm, Sun Seafood, Ardennes, Folica and Herbacense to Iranian markets.

The Hydroderm brand has more than 3 skin and hair care products including shampoo, lotion, cleanser, toner, nail growth and sunscreen. The most popular and popular hydroderm products are skin care products and anti-inflammatory products. One of the hydroderm production lines, Lady Hydroderm, is also a specialist in the field of products for pregnant and lactating women.


The main specialty of Anika’s brand is the production of perfumes and body splashes. But the brand is slowly expanding its range of products and has introduced its own hair color kit, facial cosmetics and skin care products. The low price of ANICA perfumes and perfumes is one of the most important reasons for their success.

Unfortunately, the company’s lack of proper advertising and lack of information site has made the brand somewhat anonymous.


Amutia cosmetics are among the best quality Iranian cosmetics. A few years ago, the brand was acquired by Iranian owners on the Turkish side. And now the brand is operating under the license of an Italian company in Iran.

The high percentage of popularity and popularity of the Amutia brand was due to the high quality of the masks produced by the brand. With the expansion of its business, the company is gradually developing other cosmetics that include face, lip and nail products.

Argan oil has been used in ammonia products, which has significantly improved their quality. It is also worth noting that the products of this brand are more expensive than other Iranian cosmetics brands. Amutia products also lack lead and parabens, and manufacturers of these cosmetics have guaranteed its quality and health.